Our Clients are Our Best Advertisement

GoToHome Realty & Loan has been serving California homeowners for over two decades. While this statement shows a great degree of time and experience, the true story lies with what our clients have to say about us. Below are several testimonials from our clients; clients we are proud to call our friends. We hope to someday display your’s as well.

“Over the years I’ve used Jack Roemer as my real estate agent to find my own homes and a number of investment properties.  Doug Dahl has been there every time to help us secure the loans and has solved the most complex and difficult issues along the way. These guys are the best!  And have become personal friends. Both are exceedingly professional and practical. They’ve basically become my full service real estate advisors, and have helped me make great investments while preventing me from making poor ones. I can’t recommend/praise them enough!completely satisfied when the deal is done”.

Chuck B – San Clemente

“A friend referred us to Jack Roemer @ GoToHome Realty & Loan and Jack helped us in buying our second property.

Jack can take a quick look at the house and provide a summary of what is good about the house and what all things need to be fixed in the house – whether it is roof or the walls or the flooring or paint job etc.  He even brings in a few handy tools such as a moisture meter to do a quick check on whether there are any moisture issues with the house.

He goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers and help them make the right decision whether it is buying or renting or selling.

Jack Roemer is a terrific realtor. With Jack Roemer, you not only get a realtor, but also a friend you can count on to get honest advice and help on virtually anything concerning the house.”
Dinesh – Irvine

I’ve used GoToHome and Doug Dahl in probably a half a dozen refinances in the past 15 years.  Doug is a man of impeccable integrity and relentless work ethic.  Doug was on top of the process the whole way and made things “easy” for me the client. Did I mention the rates! I compared GoToHome with other lenders such as Wells Fargo, BofA, and Credit Unions…..Doug Dahl beat them all. Trust me…..if you want the best rates with personalized service that big banks won’t provide, choose GoToHome. I’m glad I did time after time.

J B – Trabuco Canyon

I have worked with Doug Dahl on financing and re-financing my mortgage a few times. Doug is very professional and honest and takes his time to explain all the details on the lending process so that his customers can make a fully informed decision.  He helped me in lowering the mortgage rate of my loan for little to no cost each time. He always follows through immediately on all questions and helps to make the lending process as smooth as possible. It’s great to have a professional mortgage person on your side and I highly recommend Doug Dahl for mortgage financing and re-financing.

Dinesh –  Irvine

We purchased our home using GoToHome Realtor – Jack Roemer.  Jack listed and sold our
prior home approximately 18 years ago. Jack was probably the most honest and knowledgeable Realtor we have ever used. The help we received was just great!

The Loan Broker – Doug Dahl, was also honest, trustworthy and exceptionally knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and walked us through every aspect of the loan from start to finish. We have since refinanced our home several times using the services of GoToHome Realty & Loan and Doug Dahl.

Barbara – San Juan Capistrano

“ I have used the Real Estate and Loan services offered by GoToHome Realty & Loan for well over a decade.    Both Doug and Jack are knowledgeable professionals in their field and I knew that I could always rely on them to look out for my best interests. They consistently made the extra effort to educate and inform me every step of the way. You could not find a better team to navigate you through any loan or realty endeavor.”

Janet – Murrieta

“We’ve known Doug Dahl for many years.  Mr. Dahl has become a friend through the many years we’ve known him.  He has handled our loans for 3 homes now, since the late 80’s.  He is very knowledgeable when it comes to loans, and mostly he is very honest and upfront with you.  Mr. Dahl also keeps you well informed of every step of the process of the loan.

We have referred him to family and friends.  If ever we need his expertise or just questions regarding real estate, he is the our go to person. Thank you Doug for everything you’ve done for us!”

Mike and Debbie – Ramona

“I cannot praise Doug Dahl at GoToHome Realty & Loan enough for the exceptional wealth of information and education he provided me and my family. Through repeated refinances over many years, Doug helped us reduce our mortgage interest rate at little or no cost each time and has helped put us in a much better financial position in doing so.”

Brian – Mission Viejo

“I have used Doug’s services for the last 20+ years. He always give the best service in the industry! He has helped out many friends and family!! I wouldn’t  go anywhere else!!”

Kevin – Torrance

“It is rare to find a professional loan person you can feel confident that has your best interest at heart.  Doug Dahl at GoToHome Realty & Loan is that rare person. Doug treats his clients exactly as any good person should treat another.

He brings his wealth of knowledge and integrity to the table every time we communicate. Through his mortgage savings idea’s, we have saved thousands. Doug is a rate bread.”

Tom – Dana Point

“Doug Dahl at GoToHome is a wizard finding no cost or low costs ways to save thousands on refinancing my home loan.  Not only did Doug help me refinance and save thousands, he also advised against refinancing when he didn’t believe it was the right thing to do.  It’s great having a professional mortgage person on your side. I am on first name basis and I am proud to call Doug my Loan Broker of choice.”

Daniela – Long Beach

“I recently worked with Doug Dahl to refinance my mortgage loan. He was recommended to me by my father whom he also helped out many times. From the beginning he has shown exemplary professionalism in handling my loan. He was straight forward and very helpful in explaining the process from start to finish. We hit a few snags in the process but this is common in today’s lending and he helped make the process as smooth as possible and in the end, we had a great loan. I highly recommend Doug and his company to my friends. I have made another friend for life!”

Nick – Carlsbad