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I am a native of Bakersfield and embarked into the real estate business in 2002. As a mother of two, I am determined to lead by example. A few of my core elements in life consist of balancing the demands of motherhood, my career in real estate and giving back to my community. Whether it’s time involved in my weekly commitment at my childrens school, AYSO sponsorships or volunteering with community affairs, I feel that it is a blessing to be able to give. I am a firm believer that what you give from the heart to others will come back to you many times over, both in your overall personal life fulfillment and in business. Throughout my career in real estate, I have come to understand the importance of listening which I consider to be a most underrated skill while possessing a passionate dedication to my client’s, seeking only their best interests throughout every transaction. In addition, I’ve discovered that I’m somewhat of a natural at building relationships and finding solutions to problems. When asked about the success of a career in real estate I am adamant that it’s very simple…work hard, have genuine concern for others and be honest. I also insist that a positive attitude can be quite contagious. Besides, life is too short to pay any mind to a negative outlook or influence. I look forward to assisting you in finding the home that’s right for you.

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"Having purchased and sold numerous homes, I have worked with a number of realtors and can honestly say Cynthia Behill is the best I have ever known. She is the consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable both about real estate and the specific real estate markets, while also possessing keen insight and instincts.
Right from the beginning, I was extremely impressed with her integrity and work ethic. I recall during our first conversation her empathy for us as a buyers entering a “seller’s market” stating how overpriced she felt the market was. I could feel that she was more concerned with guiding me to the purchase of a home for a fair price rather than her commission. Cynthia was determined to help us find the “perfect house” that addressed all of our wants and needs at a fair price which resulted in receiving many late night and/or early morning emails with new listings from her.
Cynthia patiently set up appointments, showed us so many houses, and crafted and presented so many offers that I started to feel guilty of all the time she devoted to me. While I know that it made me feel special, I know that she does the same for all her clients.
Feeling somewhat desperate, I was willing to make an inflated offer on a house. Ultimately, largely due to relationships she has built in her profession and her ability to discern what the seller was seeking, an offer that was lower than I was thinking of was accepted.
Following the acceptance of the offer, Cynthia negotiated and solved all the problems that arose on the way to the final close. Even after we were given the keys to the house, she has provided wise counsel and good recommendations to the extent that I rarely do anything involving real estate without her counsel and/or recommendations.
Cynthia is the only realtor I will engage in California, and if I have any real estate transactions outside of California, I will go to her first. Predictably, she guided my son through the purchase of his first house, which was also the first house she showed him. To say the least, I have the utmost confidence in Cynthia."
- Gordon L.