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ABOUT LOAN OFFICER is currently in the process of prospecting or reviewing a prospective Loan Officer for inclusion in this city. Please use the Contact Us form on this page and we’ll connect you with another Loan Officer in the meantime. 

Shopping for a lender can feel confusing and a very intimidating. With so many companies and lenders to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed.  Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers typically offer many more options that big box companies because they shop around to save you time. The type of loan you choose is obviously important, but connecting with the right lender could save you money, time and frustration.  And the playing field is super  crowded. exists to help narrow the playing field and to help make the selection process easier.  Loan Officer’s Featured at all go through a vetting process that includes checking the status of their licenses to verify Active and not suspended or revoked status due to an adverse or other action.  We also look for Client Testimonials and Reviews. We do not allow inclusion of any agent who does not posses a current active license or those whom are found to have negative reviews that might appear to reflect unprofessionalism and or a lack of integrity.  Of course, we strongly suggest that you connect your own due diligence with anyone you work with – just common sense. You can check the status of any Department of Real Estate Licensed individual here.

Mortgage brokers can help save you time and effort by shopping multiple mortgage lenders on your behalf. For instance, if you need a loan with a low down payment requirement or your credit is not so pristine, brokers look for lenders that offer products to fit for your situation. Brokers typically have well-established relationships with dozens, if not hundreds, of lenders. Their connections can help you score competitive interest rates and terms. And because their compensation is tied to a loan closing successfully, brokers tend to be motivated to deliver personalized customer service.

Mortgage Brokers or Loan Officers are licensed professionals who collect your mortgage application and qualifying documentation, and can counsel you on items to address in your credit report and with your finances to strengthen your approval chances. Many mortgage brokers work for an independent mortgage company so they can shop multiple lenders on your behalf, helping you find the best possible rate and deal. Mortgage brokers are typically paid by the lender after a loan closes.


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