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Once your registration has been received, you will a follow up call from a licensed agent or broker liaison to validate your credit and to assist you every step of the way from start to finish with your homebuying process.


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The name –  ‘Black Ink Mortgage’, is the basis of my primary objective:

To help my customers obtain the best possible terms for financing and re-financing a home without paying the high fees that are typically associated with a home loan.  Additionally, working with talented Industry Professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Wholesale Loan Companies, Escrow, Title and Home Service Providers helps me in the process.

So, what does ‘Black Ink’ refer to?

Businesses, governments, and people commonly use the phrase “in the black” to refer to a positive fund balance in their accounts.  In financial terms, red ink means a debt or negative account balance. It is a term used by people, governments, and businesses.  It is generally thought to derive from entries in paper accounting journals and ledgers where black and red ink were used to signify positive and negative account activity.

Since 1986, I have brokered well over $100,000,000 in home loan transactions.

Hundreds of California homeowners and homebuyers have come to me time after time with their home financing needs.  As evidenced by the many referrals I receive, I believe that I have made a positive financial impact on their lives.

I stand by the basic ‘principles of common sense’ when reviewing a loan application.

It’s one of the basic human rights, just like freedom of speech and freedom of religion, for all human beings to have a decent place to live.  It’s also not a good idea to dull out stupid loans to those who cannot afford to pay them back, thus resulting in 2008 all over again.

Everyone buying a home should have ‘skin in the game’.   This means having the personal financial resources for a minimum down payment and the ability to repay the loan on time with monthly payments.  All should be required to come up with a minimum of a 3% (5% preferably) down payment. The exception is for our veterans as they’ve more than earned the right to purchase a home with zero down.

Everyone should qualify based on their verifiable income.  The current industry standard using your ‘gross’ (before taxes) monthly income and allows for maximum debt (including mortgage payment, property tax, insurance, HOA dues, outstanding installment loan payments and minimum payments due on credit cards.  Exceptions on a case-by-case basis are available for using alternative income documentation – such as 12 months bank statements, for those who have a minimum of 20% down and very strong credit credentials.

Loans should not have any pre-payment penalties for paying off the loan early.  There should be no ‘Junk Fees’ either.  On this last note, the majority of the loans I have funded were closed with little or no fees paid by my clients. This is typically accomplished by selecting an interest rate where the bank or, investor, credits the borrower an amount sufficient to cover all or most of the fees one may typically pay.

Call, Text, or email me to discuss any Purchase or Refinance Scenario.  I have the ability to Lock in terms (rate) on the spot if agreeable by you.

If you are currently looking to purchase a home IN CALIFORNIA, or within the next 6 months, I highly recommend that you Register with The CALIFORNIA HOMEBUYERS NETWORK so you don’t miss out on receiving a California Homebuyers Credit of up to $10,000.  You can sign up on my page or, by going to the complete page where you will find more info at @ https://www.gotohome.com/californiahomebuyersnetwork/


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"Excellent service and attention to detail. A local property is going on the market I didn't want to miss. My bank caused numerous undisclosed delays to the point I had to find someone else. Through a referral, I found Doug Dahl, Black Ink Mortgage. Doug and his team had appraisal and refi on first home completed in less than 30 days from initial point of contact! A truly professional team and will be doing business with Black Ink Mortgage/Go To Home again."
- Google Review

"Doug provides outstanding service. He secures the lowest rate possible and diligently tracks the progress till the escrow closes. He is one of the best loan brokers I know. I highly recommend him."
- Google Review

"Doug and his team did an amazing job for us. Our loan became a little complicated and challenging and he saw it through to final closing, keeping us informed and made us feel like a priority every step of the way. Highly recommend!"
- Google Review

"I've used GoToHome and Doug Dahl in probably a half a dozen refinances in the past 15 years. Doug is a man of impeccable integrity and relentless work ethic. Doug was on top of the process the whole way and made things "easy" for me the client. Did I mention the rates! I compared GoToHome with other lenders such as Wells Fargo, BofA, and Credit Unions.....Doug Dahl beat them all. Trust me.....if you want the best rates with personalized service that big banks won't provide, choose GoToHome. I'm glad I did time after time."
- Google Review

"We can't say enough about how appreciative we are for Doug's help! We got into a contract to purchase a new construction home and were "pre-approved" thru the builder's loan officer. Well, they (plus 2 other lenders) ended up unable to approve us since we are both self-employed and had a complicated situation. A mutual friend introduced us to Doug and he worked tirelessly until he secured us a loan so we could purchase a beautiful home for our family. He even acted as our counselor for free when I was overwhelmed and reduced to tears. :) Doug, thank you so much for all of your help!!"
- Google Review

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