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QUICK PAY MY MORTGAGE by GoToHome Realty & Loan
 is a planned method of paying of your home loan sooner and usually without increasing your current mortgage payment.You are always in jeopardy of paying too much interest on your home loan when you miss the opportunity
to take advantage of lower interest rates as soon as possible.  Whenever rates drop by a quarter of a percent
from what your current rate is, you need to jump in with both feet before the rates move back up.Refinancing and lowering your rate can actually shorten the term of your loan by a year or more potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars.
Let’s say you borrowed $417,000 a year ago at 4%.  Your Principle and Interest (base payment) is $1990.82.
After making 12 payments your balance is now about $410,000 and you have 29 Years left. If you keep this loan
and make the remaining scheduled payments on time, you will pay $692,805Through the QUICK PAY MY MORTGAGE plan, your new interest rate will be 3 3/4% and your new  Principle and
Interest Payment will be $1899.  That’s about $92 a month less. Even by extending your term from 29 to 30 years,
your total payback will be about $684,000. The point is that your payment will be reduced AND the total payments
will also reduced by about $9,000. Here’s how the ‘true savings’ takes place:Own Your Home Free and Clear a Year and a Half Sooner

If you were tro simply continue to pay your current payment amount of $1992.82 and use the Quick Pay My Mortgage plan,
your loan will be Paid In Full in just over 27 1/2 years. That’s a grand total savings potential  of over $33,000 and you will
own your home nearly a year and a half sooner.Do not miss the opportunity to reduce your rate and own your home sooner.

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 By registering your current terms, you will be notified within 48 hours if you qualify for this mortgage savings plan. And if you don’t qualify right now, don’t worry.  We’ll notify you as soon as you do.

*If you current rate is above market rates right now or you have an adjustable rate that you would like to fix, call us today at 888-976-1040.  We’ll be happy to assist you.

QUICK- PAY My Mortgage by GOTOHOME REALTY & LOAN is a set of planned methods for paying off your Home Loan Sooner including the removal of mortgage insurance.

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