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   Born in Montebello, California in 1958, Jeff was raised in Costa Mesa. He attended California 
   Polytechnic State University 
School of Architecture in San Luis Obispo and graduated in
   June of 1982. During this time, he also spent a year studying in Florence, Italy. Jeff’s first job
   after graduation was with Stewart Woodard and Associates in Costa Mesa where he
   worked from 1982 to 1984. Soon after he struck out on his own and has been self employed to
   this day. As a member of the Art Jury since 2003.

   Jeff is licensed in California, Hawaii and is NCARB registered.
   Jeff along with his wife Sharon, son Alec and daughter Noelle
   reside in Huntington Beach, California.

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Custom Home Designs by jeff    



Debbie Dahl Interiors

  My name is Debbie Dahl. I am an interior Designer with over 30 years experience in design.  I
  have an extensive background in television and film.  In 1991, I won an “Emmy Award” for best
  set  designing and decorating on a television show called “Pee-Wee’s  Playhouse.”  I have
  also enjoyed doing residential and commercial design as well for many, many years.

  Many people ask me “How does an Interior Designer work?”  Have you ever wondered  whether
  you’d benefit from working with an Interior Designer?  Although the thought of decorating
 your home with an interior designer is frightening for many, the key is: find the right person
and then establish a realistic budget up front.         

 As a professionally skilled interior designer, I offer my expertise in room arrangements and
  improving a home’s function.  I know how and when to use color, texture, and pattern to add 
  to a 
room’s character.  I can also help avoid costly mistakes.
   I know where to search for the right sofa or the perfect accessory and I have access to fabrics and furnishings available only to
   professionals in my trade. It becomes a marriage of a designer's talent and skill and your hopes and dreams. Remember
   however, that design is very personal. Good designers design for you the client, and not for themselves.

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  Interiors by debbie