Offer Details:  Your RateLock/Alert! monitoring service is completely free of charge with no obligation to accept
             a lower rate offer. You will never be billed. Ever.


 Now you can control the immediate flow of available Interest Rate
information right from your mobile device or computer.

How Do I Lock in a Lower Mortgage Rate?      

RateLock/Alert! is a new interest rate monitoring service feature offered by GoToHome Realty & Loan. When Mortgage Interest rates dip below your current rate, YOU WIN! RateLock/Alert! will notify you via email and a text message. You control what you do with the information. RateLock/Alert! is the newest tool in the fight against inflation. If you respond to the email or text notification, a licensed RateLock/Alert! representative will follow up with you within minutes.  It's as easy as checking your email or text messages.

Why is it important to have this information?
If you listen to the radio, watch TV, check out rates on the internet or read the news every day you will eventually be informed when interest rates are on the move. But by the time you get this news, rates will be on the move again. And the news does not report small adjustments to rates which may be all you need to save thousands over the life of a new refi. Even interest rates published on the internet are not typically updated on the daily basis. And YOU must research do the searching and researching.

RateLock/Alert! knows your personal loan information and will notify you as soon as interest rates hit the mark that will save you money.

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What our clients are saying about us?

This is a new service and a bit too early to rate however, we have been in business since 1996 and here's what our clients are saying about us...

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