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GoToHome Realty has built a reputation of honesty, integrity, professionalism and service. It’s easy to find a pretty good Realtor in OC, but deciding on the best takes a little time.


Home Loan Mistakes

Choosing a home loan is the biggest financial decision you will likely ever make. Learn about the most common mistakes home owners and home buyers must avoid when financing or re-financing a home


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Looking to refi but don’t want to start all over with another 30 year loan? Pay off your home loan sooner without increasing your current payment through the Quick Pay My Mortgage plan


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Get the best loan options available.

Shopping for a home loan is both time consuming and the process can be frustrating. Picking the right lender to work with can be tricky. Aggressive, effective shopping for the best loan is what we do best. We are experts in our field with over 20 years lending experience behind us.

As top mortgage professionals, getting you the best loan terms is simply part of our job. Give us a call at 949-348-0669 or email Broker@gotohome.com.

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“GoToHome Realty & Loan has built a reputation on being an effective and convenient solution for buying, selling, financing and refinancing homes in the state of California. GoToHome has become a significant leader focused on addressing the needs of today’s new and existing home owners. It’s no wonder our customers come back to us time after time and feel comfortable recommending our services to their family and friends”. Doug Dahl – President

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